Artificial turf surfaces for sport, home and education centres

Tiger Turf New Zealand provides synthetic turf surfaces for lawns, commercial landscaping, sports grounds and school campuses, making it the ideal surface for the playground areas of Childcare Centres.

Synthetic play surfaces for young children

TigerTurf's colourful playground turfs encourages children to grow socially, emotionally and physically as they play. Young children learn readily as they have fun together in colourful, stimulating, safe play areas. You can use TigerTurf play surfaces to make every pathway and play space an opportunity to learn, encouraging imaginative play, improving their concentration and social skills. With TigerTurf, you can:

  • Customise your turfs to shape your school’s vision

  • Create fantastic outdoor play areas where children have fun while they learn

  • Install our play turfs over existing surfaces, changing your old playground into an exciting learning area

  • Install a turf that is useable all year round and requires virtually no maintenance

Making sure you meet playground requirements for safer play

TigerTurf have several playground systems that meet a range of different fall height requirements and have been tested to be fully compliant for absorbing impact up to 3 metres.

Ensuring play safety is essential, both for the protection of the children using the equipment and to mitigate risk for the organisations in charge of these play areas. TigerTurf are certified by the Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII) to review the safety of a playground (fall zones, heights, free space, entrapments, etc) and provide solutions that make children’s safety the priority. 

Choose from these two popular systems:

Colourful TigerPlay

  • Used to create unique play areas (with or without shock absorbing underlay)

  • Can incorporate a range of activities and games

  • Customised to complement your facility's vision

  • 7-year product warranty 

TigerTurf’s natural-looking landscape lawn

  • Surfaces provide an authentic-looking alternative to natural grass

  • The medium to long-blade and high-density thatch results in a soft, comfortable feel underfoot

  • 10-year product warranty


Make sure you insist on genuine TigerTurf for your Childcare Centre. Contact us today.