Childcare spaces require robust and easy to maintain flooring…

Evidence Based Design Carpets for Education

Evidence Based Design or EBD is the process of basing decisions about the built environment on credible research to assure the best possible outcomes. Our broad offering of carpets embrace this philosophy.

Carpet tiles are the most often used option for all areas of the modern learning environment.

Tiles offer a low-impact, rapid install option with all the flexibility of a modular system.

The Best Education Fiber

 Mohawk supplies carpet tiles for Education made exclusively with Solution Dyed Nylon, the most robust flooring fiber that will maintain its beauty and integrity for years to come.

Duracolor yarn offers permanent stain resistance - it's built in molecular patented ability to resist stains means 96% of stains will be removed with water only. This enhanced performance and extended life cycle means that your building will require fewer replacements.

Our warranties are designed to protect your investment.

Kaitiakitanga – Premium Flooring is carboNZero certified.

It’s important we know what our kids are exposed to on a daily basis. That’s why our PVC-free carpet backing option and low VOC emitting backings and adhesives are key for kid’s spaces. It means we can create clean, safe, nurturing indoor environments free of toxins and carcinogens.”
— Pamela Parsons from Premium Flooring

 We offset our carbon emissions by supporting certified carbon credit projects right here in Aotearoa as well as abroad. We support the Banks Peninsula land   restoration project, which is creating a permanent carbon sink by replanting previously cleared forest.  The impact goes further than just carbon sequestration – trees also have a positive impact on rivers, soil and native wildlife. We also support the amazing team of  volunteers at Sustainable Coastlines who have removed an astronomical 1 million liters of rubbish from our coasts and planted over 19,000 trees alongside New Zealand’s streams, rivers and lakes.

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