More than nine years ago, Astute Education began work consulting with a focus on the early childhood sector.  Astute Education has a history of improving early childhood services, providing robust analysis and creating a range of diverse practical solutions in all aspects of the business of Early Childhood Education.  Astute Educations principals are all centre owners, registered teachers or specialists so when you talk to Astute Education, you get first-hand knowledge on how to make your centre improve and succeed.  It’s tried, tested and proven.  No guesswork involved.

In addition, our events, courses and programmes have been highly effective and popular amongst the ECE community. Our teacher registration, self-review, ECE financial budgeting, leadership and annual strategic business planning programmes lead the way in the education sector.

Astute Education continues to successfully undertaken many Ministry of Education contracts, providing assistance across a broad range of topics.

For private consultancy it offers Nationwide solutions encompassing Governance, Management, Administration, Due Diligence, Feasibility investigations and all aspects of business operations to establish a high performing Childcare Service.